About Us


About Us

GHIL Services Limited is a registered company in the United Kingdom with a branch in Nigeria. We collaborate with schools globally to make studying abroad easier for prospective African students.  We help international schools with recruitment and we also help African students to get a suitable school under the best possible scheme, while serving as student’s guardian to those who needs us.  We provide the following service:

Free step by step guidance to all students: No matter your intended school or field of study (College, Undergraduate or postgraduate), we will guide you and monitor your progress gradually and carefully from stage one to admission.

Free Consultancy Services to PHD Students: Our PHD consultancy team are in the academic system and well knowledgeable with wealth of experience in helping prospective students step by step through to a successful admission in the right field of study.

UK Students Guardianship Service: This is for international students, starting from age 15 and above.  This service offers a total package of both mentoring and guardianship to students, starting from the first day of the child(ren) entry into a UK school till the last day of their stay.  We are equipped to guide your child through to greatness.

Study Abroad Magazine: This unique magazine is published in the United Kingdom for African students. It features achievements of current students, articles and journals by students and lecturers from different schools to help intending students make informed choices, with regards to schools, course of study, life-style and a wide range of other key issues.


To find out more, contact us at info@ghilservices.co.uk